Ouachita Mountains Rock Climbing Adventures in Arkansas

The Ouachita Mountains
     Rock Climbing Adventures

MillcreekTIs your access to rock climbing locations in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma.  Many of the climbing destinations mentioned in the Ouachita Mountains Rock Climbing Adventures page are well known and very popular Climbing destinations while others are recently discovered structures, or little known structures hidden away in the Ouachita Mountains.  Many are easy to get to, while others provide an adventure in just getting to the location! 

In that some of these locations are recently discovered rocks, and have not been graded by experienced climbers, we suggest all climbers to have an experienced climber to assess the structure to assure proper safety.

The Ouachita Mountains range of east-west ridges between the Arkansas and Red rivers, extending c.200 mi (320 km) from central Ark. into SE Okla. Magazine Mt. (c.2,800 ft/850 m high) is the tallest peak. The Ouachita Mts. are geologically considered outlier of the Appalachian Mts. They are composed of strongly folded and faulted sedimentary rocks. A whetstone industry is near Hot Springs, Ark. Mineral springs, lakes, and extensive wooded areas attract tourists. Several parts of the region have been set aside as public parks or forest reservations.

Only climb with proper instruction and proper equipment.  Enjoy our mountains, but leave them unblemished and without litter.  Do not climb on private property without the expressed consent of the owner.  



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